If you don't see Armenian letters(like in animation above) it means that 1.you either don't have Arial Am font installed in your system, or 2.properly set up your browser's encoding, or 3. both. To fix that problem you may either want to download the font from our web site (the files are zipped in self extracting archive), copy it to the "fonts" sub folder of your "Windows" system folder(you may need to restart your browser in order the changes to take effect) and manualy set up your browsers encoding, or download and install Armenian NLS (National Language Support) freeware from "Armenian Freenet's" web site, which will do the same automatically(However "Netscape" users may still have to manually set up their browser encodings, as "Armenian NLS" sets up encodings for "Internet Explorer" browsers and some versions(not all) of "Netscape" browsers).

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